We must bring about the change in our communities

We must bring about the change in our communities that we all want to see takes commitment, patience, understanding, passion, as well as an assertive approach to building momentum towards that change.  We have all the requisite qualities needed here.  Providing workshops, on the job training, education/vocational opportunities, as well as inspiring/motivating speakers and life coaches that ready to stand and deliver at seminars and outreach programs on how to succeed in life. We have well connected businesses organizations and sponsors that are ready and willing to employ or prepare men and women that want to do better for themselves and their families. Here we have assembled a grouping of organizations, associates, speakers and a wealth of resources that have all taken up the cause of bringing three key elements back to the forefront of the problems our communities face. While there are myriad issues that need addressing on a national level, we have three key elements of which we will focus on.

  1. Motivate: Our young men and women have a very low level of self-motivation. You can see it in the way that our young people dress, you can feel it in the way our young people carry themselves and you can hear it in their voices. Right now, it is if the new rite of passage for young men is going to prison and coming out “hard”. Bringing examples of men and women that have come from where they are and are making HUGE differences in the world as success stories is what we will bring to their attention. Sports and entertainment success stories are great but to truly inspire there needs to be an element that people can identify with on a more personal and realistic level. WE aim to bring that through our speakers. 
  2. Elevate:The lack of confidence in our systems of education, prison re-entry, community organizations, as well as, a sense of low self-confidence all point to the short fall of positive attitudes about life in general for our struggling brothers and sisters of ALL nationalities. Lack of confidence is the biggest blocker of self and community positive development. It breeds a sense of isolation and isolation is the cornerstone of desperation. Building young men and women up in their confidence in themselves, as well as in us is VERY important in our efforts to effect the positive change that we seek. We MUST bring confidence back to our communities through effective action with our organizations and programs. We have all the tools, using them properly and collectively are the keys.   
  3. Educate:Without education the most worthy of causes is futile at best. Putting together a joint effort in bringing education to the forefront is a very daunting yet worthy task, but it MUST done. Attaching to organizations that offer scholarship programs, going back to school incentives, and most importantly the follow up support network of companies that will follow up and follow through with those in which we have assisted in re-establishing themselves on solid ground after following through with our programs is essential.  www.successexpress.marketing

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