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JazzZone Ensemble LIVE @ Roscoe's Jazz Lounge


The Jazzzone Presents  

Saturday 19th JazzZone Quartet It's our Old-School R&B Party  8:pm to Midnight with Stephen Foster, with Hilliard Wilson, Robbie Love, Darrell Diaz host Roscoe Lee Owens 

Suggest: Reservations Call  626-798-6848

“We Make Cool Jazz Sizzle”  

Let's Party & invite friends.

MC. host Roscoe Lee Owens 

@  730 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA Roscoe's Jazz Lounge 

call 626-798-6848 SEE YOU HERE

JazzZone Ensemble Friday October 18th


The Jazzzone  Ensemble  

 Friday, October 18th See you for Dinner and Jazz invite a Friend.    

Featuring “We Make Cool Jazz Sizzle” 

 Host Roscoe Lee Owens  

443 E. Colorado Blvd Pasadena CA 

SEE YOU HERE  Come Celebrate 

call 626-798-6848 SEE YOU HERE 


JazzZone Showcase


JazzZone Showcase 

Support the

 California Jazz and Blues Museum  

 Fundraiser So Tell your friend Support. #SeeYouHere 

host:  Roscoe Lee Owens  626-798-6848 

vocalist Jeff Robinson


       Special Performance

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            coming soon 

        Featuring vocalist

          Jeff Robinson     

@ Roscoe’s Jazz Lounge.  

      $10   8pm to Midnight 

Tell a Friend. #SeeYouHere    

@  730 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA  

Roscoe's Jazz Lounge  

come celebrate with us. 

626-798-6848 SEE YOU HERE 

The Second Annual Inland Empire Jazz Saturday


Did you miss this? Saturday, August 31st

The Jazzzone Ensemble   

See you for Jazz, invite a Friend.  Join us Labor Day Weekend For The Second Annual Inland Empire Jazz Saturday August 31st - The Jazzzone  Ensemble  A day of great live jazz, great wine, selection of food vendors and a marketplace.  Contact  951-987-5145 Event Location: Arrowhead Country Club 3433 Parkside Drive
San Bernardino, CA 92404-2409
Country Club Number (909) 882-1735  with  Host Roscoe Lee Owens 


JazzZone Change ReAction Concert in support of Mental Health


Saturday 19th  We invite You to a FREE CONCERT in support of Mental Health Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 19, from 2pm until 4pm  Our Venue is the open air arena on 2nd Street just west of Garey Avenue, Pomona - the Shaun Diamond  with  Host Roscoe Lee Owens 


The JazzZone LIVE

Latin Jazz Groove Sundays


 Tell a Friend. #SeeYouHere    

@  730 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA  

Roscoe's Jazz Lounge  Come Celebrate your Birthday with us. 

626-798-6848 SEE YOU HERE 

For Private Parties




JazzZone Quartet


Awesome BackYard or in the Park Party FundRaisers  

Promote the Brand


T-SHIRT  JazzZone Style  are available For Sale from Small to size 3X request online or at a JazzZone event .

We made Cool Jazz Sizzle Today


Great Day in Pasadena Mr. Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama are on their way  and we performed for them during short stay in Pasadena during his first successful run to become the President of the United States. Much pride in the JazzZone.  Wow another awesome day in the Zone. Thankful  

Ready on Day One


JazzZone sizzled at the Gala Benefits Ball. Amazing Performance.